Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Well its been a long time since ive been on here but a lot has happened in the garden, the Cosmos i planted to attract the bees when wild and took over the plot.                                                            
Somewhere in here are some runner beans, french beans and tomatoes.  I think it was the bags of compost that we added that made things go mental, note to self not to grow quite so many flowers next season!!

One of my suprising successes was my Tomatoes, ive never been able to grow them, they are like my nemesis until this year and i had so many i didnt know what to do with them, soup, soup and more soup.

I think more planning is needed next season as i grew things that went to waste, like the lettuces and beetroot, but ive dug another small bed that i had intended to use for flowers but i can see it becoming a salad bed ;) if not there is always more grass to dig up (less mowing i tell the OH!)

I just couldn't resist planting 3 Chillie seeds today on the warm window sill in the kitchen, who knows they might grow ;)


  1. about time you got back on the blog!!! Good luck with the chillies i find a plastic bag over helps them germinate.

  2. I love Cosmos! Who could not find room in their garden for such pretty froth!! And somehow stuff manages to grow up through it!
    As you garden in such a small space, now your plot is no more, have you thought of using square foot gardening principles? I also have a fondness for the potager, that way I can have a riot of veg and flowers all together!
    Isn't it exciting when it's time to sow seeds for the new year! But I still have fruit on my chilies in the greenhouse, space could be a problem soon!