Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Well its been a long time since ive been on here but a lot has happened in the garden, the Cosmos i planted to attract the bees when wild and took over the plot.                                                            
Somewhere in here are some runner beans, french beans and tomatoes.  I think it was the bags of compost that we added that made things go mental, note to self not to grow quite so many flowers next season!!

One of my suprising successes was my Tomatoes, ive never been able to grow them, they are like my nemesis until this year and i had so many i didnt know what to do with them, soup, soup and more soup.

I think more planning is needed next season as i grew things that went to waste, like the lettuces and beetroot, but ive dug another small bed that i had intended to use for flowers but i can see it becoming a salad bed ;) if not there is always more grass to dig up (less mowing i tell the OH!)

I just couldn't resist planting 3 Chillie seeds today on the warm window sill in the kitchen, who knows they might grow ;)

Saturday, 16 April 2011

SaTuRdAy oFf

Yeah a rare Saturday off, what to do?? Ive made a wigwam for the runner beans and planted them out so i hope the frost is long gone, also ive planted some sweet peas along the back of the bed,i think they will look good if they grow up.  Ive also thrown some lettuce seeds at the ground in a hope they will grow nicely, Ive potted up some tomatoes (my chosen 6!!)ready for the grow bags in a few weeks time.

Also today i have cleared a cupboard to make into a waredrobe... good day

Monday, 21 March 2011

Back to work :(

Well back to work today so no gardening but i was pleased to come home and find my sweet peas emerging on the kitchen windowsill, i think thats because they were feeling pressured to start growing so 8  hrs of ignoring them and here they are!!!

I couldnt believe the fog that quickly came down this morning, perfect day tho, frost, fog then sun, oh working is such a waste of time! :-)

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Sunny again

So today ive been waiting for the postman to bring my order of seeds from Suttons, i swear the post used to come earlier when i was a kid!
Once i wrestled them from the dog i then did what i always do with new seeds, showed OH and he pretended to be interested, then i read all the packets, arranged them in the seed tin and put them away untill the end of April, because i can guarentee i will be sooo tempted to "just plant a few" to see how they go and by the time i can plant them outside i will have 6ft runner beans in my kitchen!!!

I did wade up the garden earlier and sowed a few lettuce and radish seeds "just to see"eh! :-)

Yesterday i potted on some tomato plants and they seem to be sulking today! I always wonder why i plant so many tom seeds i only need about 6 plants and ive now got 16 little seedlings in individual pots with more still to do.

Back to work next week :-( i think im ready to retire ive had such a relaxing week off...when is my next holiday?????

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The bed finally built!!

Well today has been a cold,windy yet productive day in the Little veg garden.  The raised bed has been built yeah.
Ok what seemed like a fairly straight forward exercise turned into a structual engineering puzzle! So the garden is on a slope, who knew?? A 25cm gradient no less!! so had to shore up the front of the bed with left over boards, however, i think it looks pretty damn good, what do you think???

I will need more soil but it has gone much better than i thought (not doubting OHs DIY skill oh no:-)
Because im rubish at numbers and apparently using a tape mesure is not a strong point of mine its ended up 50cm shorter than i planned but i got past that by explaining how i wanted the extra gap for grow bags (I know clever eh?)

The plan is to grow Sweet peas along the fence, sweetcorn in the middle as it gets sun all day and lots of French beans cos we eat loads of them.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Hi, well a bit about me and my gardening experiance, ive had an allotment for the past 4 years and now i have moved to a brand new house with a garden i have given the plot up and have decided to start growing veg (and flowers) in my back garden.Not sure if this will work but gotta give it a go!

The plan is to build a raised bed approx 420cm long by 150cm wide. This is a pic of my garden before i started doing anything, fairly standard and very wet.
This is with the turf removed and pilled up by the sides, Ive discovered (not to my surprise) massive amounts of clay!

Finally loads of stuff to fill the bed with, im a bit concerned that an online program told me i needed nearly 5 thousand litres of soil : 0 Anyway tomorrow is the day the bed gets built and then the fun starts....