Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The bed finally built!!

Well today has been a cold,windy yet productive day in the Little veg garden.  The raised bed has been built yeah.
Ok what seemed like a fairly straight forward exercise turned into a structual engineering puzzle! So the garden is on a slope, who knew?? A 25cm gradient no less!! so had to shore up the front of the bed with left over boards, however, i think it looks pretty damn good, what do you think???

I will need more soil but it has gone much better than i thought (not doubting OHs DIY skill oh no:-)
Because im rubish at numbers and apparently using a tape mesure is not a strong point of mine its ended up 50cm shorter than i planned but i got past that by explaining how i wanted the extra gap for grow bags (I know clever eh?)

The plan is to grow Sweet peas along the fence, sweetcorn in the middle as it gets sun all day and lots of French beans cos we eat loads of them.

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