Saturday, 19 March 2011

Sunny again

So today ive been waiting for the postman to bring my order of seeds from Suttons, i swear the post used to come earlier when i was a kid!
Once i wrestled them from the dog i then did what i always do with new seeds, showed OH and he pretended to be interested, then i read all the packets, arranged them in the seed tin and put them away untill the end of April, because i can guarentee i will be sooo tempted to "just plant a few" to see how they go and by the time i can plant them outside i will have 6ft runner beans in my kitchen!!!

I did wade up the garden earlier and sowed a few lettuce and radish seeds "just to see"eh! :-)

Yesterday i potted on some tomato plants and they seem to be sulking today! I always wonder why i plant so many tom seeds i only need about 6 plants and ive now got 16 little seedlings in individual pots with more still to do.

Back to work next week :-( i think im ready to retire ive had such a relaxing week off...when is my next holiday?????

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  1. Really pleased for you that the bed is going well maybe giving up the plot wont be so bad after all. Took the first step in my Vertical Garden today by telling Dave next door that i will be planting next to his new fence. Cleaned out the chooks (have that in a bag for you) :) Looking for climbing courgetts any suggestions?