Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Hi, well a bit about me and my gardening experiance, ive had an allotment for the past 4 years and now i have moved to a brand new house with a garden i have given the plot up and have decided to start growing veg (and flowers) in my back garden.Not sure if this will work but gotta give it a go!

The plan is to build a raised bed approx 420cm long by 150cm wide. This is a pic of my garden before i started doing anything, fairly standard and very wet.
This is with the turf removed and pilled up by the sides, Ive discovered (not to my surprise) massive amounts of clay!

Finally loads of stuff to fill the bed with, im a bit concerned that an online program told me i needed nearly 5 thousand litres of soil : 0 Anyway tomorrow is the day the bed gets built and then the fun starts....


  1. good for you for giving it ago - just be mindful of what you plant where. as some things are going to get a fair bit of shade - with that fence.
    i'd be inclined to use the fence for climbing stuff (beans, peas, cucumbers & even toms) soft fruit like raspberries don't mind the shade - so stick a few of them up against the shadiest part of the garden fence (i have some spares if you don't have any - which i can post to you)

    good luck with the bed building - and don't worry about the clay - it's high in nutrition and will help to retain moisture. all the best - splodger xxx

  2. Looking good. Chicken poo still free to a good home. OMG you could have hens!!!! On the other hand maybe not,they can be a bit of a conflict with Veg's